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2021 Louisiana Fosters Summit

NOV. 2021

2021 Fosters Zoom Summit

In case you missed it, you can now watch a recording of the 2021 Fosters Zoom Summit.

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Caitlin LaVine


Creating A State Plan for
ACEs in Louisiana

Dr. Denese Shervington



Dr. Rhenda Hodnett


Reporting Child Abuse
and Neglect

Shelby Baird


ACES and


My Community Cares

Building strong communities that bring families together. Article by Michelle Gros.

The Children of Central City

“The Children of Central City” documentary shows how repeated exposure to violence alters a child’s brain development and other systems in the body. It examines how the city’s fractured network of independent charter school operators tries to balance the need to address student trauma with the pressure to meet state benchmarks for test scores. It also shows how lawmakers’ decision to reduce — or in some cases eliminate — mental healthcare services for children gives their families limited options for care, and leaves a handful of qualified providers struggling to meet the demand. Finally, it gives voice to those affected most: the Panthers players, who share in their own words what they want for their city, and for their futures.

-Words from Brett Duke