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Volume 2, Edition 1

A Word from the
First Lady of Louisiana

These past four years have been a whirlwind for John Bel and me. We are honored and humbled to serve as Governor and First Lady of our great state, and hope to continue moving things forward with the momentum we have worked hard to create. We would once again be honored to have your support to continue this journey.


One of the most rewarding aspects of my time as First Lady is working through my Louisiana First Foundation on causes in our state that are not only dear to my heart but are important to the progress of our state. Working to make a positive difference in the lives of Louisiana children, families and the hardworking citizens of our state is so important to me and my husband, Gov. John Bel Edwards.  In addition to the work that he is doing, I want to contribute and after praying about it, and talking with friends I created the Louisiana First Foundation which is focused on helping Louisiana children and families.

As a former public-school music teacher, I know the importance of arts education when it comes to educating the whole child.  That’s why I created Teach MAM (Music, Arts, Movement). This initiative is designed to promote music, arts and movement as a part of the daily school curriculum.  Research shows arts education helps children perform better academically, stay in school and achieve graduation.  Louisiana Fosters is also part of my platform which brings together government, private, community and faith-based organizations to support foster parents and children.  Working with the Department of Children and Family Services, we have had record numbers of adoptions for each of the last three years.  

John Bel and I are also committed to fighting human trafficking which impacts children and adults, boys and girls throughout our state and our nation. We helped support the launch of Metanoia Manor, the only safe haven of its kind in the state for girls under the age of 18 who have been victimized by this terrible crime.

Our work with Human Trafficking Prevention and Awareness led to our first statewide summit held last month at the Governor’s Mansion. You can read more about the summit below. We also launched No Kid Hungry Louisiana School Breakfast Challenge to help end childhood hunger in our state.  

Thousands of children go hungry in our state every day. As a teacher I personally witnessed the impact of hunger in my community. Through the program we encourage schools to adopt Breakfast-On-The-Go programs that allow children to grab breakfast when they arrive at school, eat in their classrooms and then get to work.  Schools and teachers say it is fast, efficient and makes a difference in their students’ day. Since 2017, the Challenge has resulted in more than 300,000 breakfast meals being served in schools statewide.  

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to meet and work with so many people around our state who are also passionate about addressing the challenges we face and finding solutions.  One of the other blessings allowed me to reinstate the Governor’s Mansion Preservation Foundation (GMPF). Through the work of GMPF, we were able to give the mansion a much-needed restoration. The preservation of this beautiful state home is important and we feel should be representative of the great beauty and culture our state has to offer. The Louisiana Governor’s Mansion truly belongs to the people of Louisiana, and John Bel and I are very fortunate to call it home.  

We love having people come to visit, and I thought it would be wonderful to update the mansion and make it more inviting. We found many treasures tucked away in the attic that have now been given new life and have added so much more character and beauty.

I was recently interviewed by the Northshore publication, VIP Northshore.  I discuss these and many other things in the interview.

You can read it by clicking here to “An Interview with the First Lady” by VIP Northshore.


Louisiana Alliance of Children's Advocacy Centers

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Meet Your CAC Month
Louisiana Alliance of Children’s Advocacy Centers

1 in 10 kids will be physically or sexually abused before their 18th birthday. Most of those kids will be brought to a Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC). In Louisiana, there are 16 CACs that help child victims of abuse through investigative, treatment, and prevention services. CACs help kids of all ages share their experiences with law enforcement detectives and Department of Child and Family Services investigators. Then, through the CAC response team, everyone works together to ensure that no child faces abuse alone. Last year in Louisiana, over 6,000 child victims and their families were brought to a CAC as part of an abuse investigation. 

This October, legislators and staff from around the state are invited to “Meet Your CAC!”  As legislators prepare for office, their support is important to the children of Louisiana and CACs.  We can’t wait for you to “Meet Your CAC!” 

For more information or to request a tour to meet your local CAC, please email info@lacacs.org or visit our website.


Yes Mam, No Mam, Thank you Mam = Teach MAM!


Brick Sale at the Governor's Mansion

The Governor’s Mansion Preservation Foundation has many revenue streams to maintain and preserve the beautiful Louisiana Governor’s Mansion. One of those is our brick sales. Bricks can be purchased and engraved, and placed on the grounds of the Mansion. This is a beautiful way to memorialize a loved one, honor someone special, or have you and your family members become a permanent part of this beautiful state home!

You can download the order form here.

Or visit our Mansion Store to view the bricks.

Women’s Health Blog
November 2019

Words from Sonia Malhotra, MD, MS, FAAP

Palliative Medicine & Supportive Care

“A pizza piadina sounds really good.  Doc, thanks so much for bringing us food.”  

Those were some of the last words I heard from my patient when I visited her at home while she was on hospice.  
My patient was dying from cancer and leaving her two young kids behind.


PEOPLE OF LOUISIANA Making a Difference



On September 28, 2019, the First Lady joined an influential group of women in support of the Champions for Change Luncheon hosted by the Crescent City Chapter of The Links, Incorporated.



As any art educator would, Denise Tullier-Holly often uses images to spark student imagination. It is her belief that students can become well-rounded by using art as a medium to communicate.



Having two siblings as military soldiers and seeing their progress, it encouraged me to also enlist. I always loved and appreciated my country and had an insatiable desire to further my education.



Aimée Bayle Dodds has a lifelong affinity for creativity and shopping. That is why when her years of extensive sales experience landed her the opportunity to work in the promotional products industry 7 years ago, she jumped at the chance.


John Bel’s Great Grandmother’s Cookies

Anyone who has visited the Governor’s Mansion during John Bel Edwards tenure is familiar with the “magic cookies”. John Bel’s great-grandmother, Dora Husser, passed this recipe down to her family members through the generations where it eventually ended up in the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion. Visitors or students on a field trip are offered these delicious cookies as they leave. Over the past four years, these cookies have obtained legendary status! Now everyone can enjoy them at home!


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