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Created to help with enhancement, stability, sustainability for Louisiana Music, Arts, and Movement in our Public Schools.

Please consider providing a donation to our Louisiana First Foundation, TEACH MAM.

Your gift will support the efforts of placing and sustaining music, art, and movement educators in schools across our state. Supporting Teach MAM is supporting the continuation of our deep and rich Louisiana culture by making sure all students have access to music, arts, and movement in our public schools.


Like Louisiana’s other great natural resources, our Louisiana children and culture need your investment. It is important for all of us to encourage talent and creativity in our Louisiana children by enhancing their lives through the introduction of music, arts, and movement in education.


Through music, arts, and movement education, TEACH MAM nurtures the development of social, cognitive, and physical development in our children.


Investing in TEACH MAM invests in our culture and in the well­-rounded student, which is an investment in our Louisiana future.


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